Redbird’s management team has deep expertise in rapid diagnostic testing and pharmacy services, and is committed to creating convenient care options in Ghana. Meet the team below.

Patrick Beattie


Patrick has 10 years of experience working with rapid diagnostic tests to improve global health and development. Prior to Redbird, Patrick was a co-founder and first employee of Diagnostics For All, a Boston area-based non-profit diagnostic company, and he also lead the expansion of Pacific Diagnostics, a Tanzanian medical supply company, into Ghana.
Patrick is passionate about empowering patients to be able to proactively manage their health in a convenient manner.
Patrick earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, magna cum laude, from Princeton University and his MBA, with distinction, from the University of Oxford, where he was a Skoll Scholar.
Born and raised in Alaska, Patrick enjoys spending his free time outdoors, paragliding, rock climbing, or just going for a run. He’d love to walk on the moon someday.
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Andrew Quao


Andrew is an entrepreneur, public health and international development professional with more than 7 years of experience in the sub-Saharan Africa health care sector. Prior to Redbird, Andrew worked for two US government-funded projects focusing on improving health systems and the promotion of the use of malaria rapid diagnostic services in health facilities including pharmacies.
Highly motivated with a passion for developing innovative solutions for improving health care delivery throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Andrew is passionate about improving the speed and quality of healthcare delivery.
Andrew received his undergraduate degree in Pharmacy from KNUST, in Ghana and his MPH from Dartmouth College, USA. He returned to start up an international development consultancy providing corporate advisory services to global firms such as Diageo PLC and Coca Cola on their corporate social responsibility programs.
He also has experience in starting up a software firm specializing in customized software and biometric systems. He literally takes entrepreneurship as a hobby starting up other small-scale businesses dealing in making bespoke footwear and an online only baby products and supplies.
In his free time, he loves speaking and discussing issues on entrepreneurship, taking up speaking appointments, and flipping through news channels. Used to love playing soccer!
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